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Columbus, OH
May 2, 2009 wins
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I'm a small hobby Lionhead rabbit breeder with no more then 40 holes located in
Stockton, California.

I want to thank the people that have helped me get to where I am today, without them I would not have or know anything about the
Lionhead rabbits.

I want to start out by giving a huge THANK YOU to Diane at Djslions den, she has taught me just about everything I needed to know to
get started with the Lionheads and started me out with some very nice Lions. I want to thank Robin B. for getting me hooked on the
Lionheads. I got my first lionhead from her in January of 2005 soon after that I was searching the net for another one. I also want to say
thank you to Joe H. and Kim S. I enjoy showing and talking with them about this wonderful breed at the shows. I learn so much each
time. I also want to say thank you to Michelle H. she is always there for you even if she is thousands of miles away, literally. And last
but certainly not least I want to thank Denise S. for my gorgeous BEW's, I got my first BEW's from her in May of 2005.

My lines include DJ's, Sousa's, Cimmaron, Pridelands, Chowmane's, Catwalks, Bastets and Bunny Hutch's. My main focus is on the
BEW's (Blue Eyed White's),  I enjoy working with them and think they are gorgeous.

Other colors I enjoy working with are Torts, Sable points, Black and Siamese sable's

written in 2008
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